Can You Live The Minimalist Lifestyle?

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash
  • Each item has a meaning or a use to you, so you are careful what you pick, you don’t buy unnecessary items, that you don’t use. That is extra baggage that you will need to carry.
  • Don’t buy excessive amounts of items, for example, t-shirts. Have a set amount that you regularly use.
  • Buying is done on emotion, so by taking that extra day to figure out if you really need that purchase you can stop urges or panic buying
  • Buy basic colours, don’t by big and bright, this way it will fit with a lot of styles
  • Shoes, trainers and any other footwear take up a lot of space, make sure you have a set amount of every eventuality, and that when you are traveling, put as much as you can inside them OR if you are brave dangle them on the outside to save space.
  • With money, make sure you have an account back home and then you have an account that can reach multiple currencies. If you have multiple accounts, you could consolidate it on to a curve card or something of the sort. Be aware of the fees.
  • Don’t buy household items, this can be tricky, but you won’t be able to take them wherever you go next, so rule out anything for the house and focus on YOU.
  • Make sure you have a sturdy bag or suitcase, this is essential if you move around a lot
  • Have a good laptop bag — I use mine lots and take it wherever I go. The straps are less likely to go if it is good quality.

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